Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Raw Beet and Ricotta Crostini


Oh man. Raw beets are just the total best.

There's a place down the street that serves raw beet ravioli, where the beets are the pasta (there is no pasta-pasta) and sandwiching a sweet/savory almond cream.

These toasts are a nod in that delicious direction, re-starched.

Amounts are approximate and dependent on how much you want to make, but you can assemble these like so, using:

olive oil
salt, pepper
toasted almonds

Peel a/some beet/s and then slice crosswise very, very thinly. With a mandoline, perhaps. Or with your best knife and skillz. Place these slices in a bowl and salt slightly. Set aside.

Meanwhile, brush some olive oil onto thinly-sliced slices of bread. Place these onto a cookie sheet and toast in a 400° F oven for a few minutes.

Cut a peeled clove of garlic in half crosswise and then rub the cut side onto the pieces of toast. Top with a slice of beet, a spoonful of ricotta, salt and pepper, and then some toasted, sliced almonds.


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